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My Vagina Size

How much does your vagina measure? Have you ever given thought to your vagina size and the capacity for expansion it has? Perhaps it's time to find out, out of curiosity and knowledge. There are two measurements to this study, one is relaxed, meaning you are not sexually aroused, this is the smaller measurement you will get. The other is when you are fully sexually aroused, your vagina deepens to accommodate the passage of a penis or something larger.

Non-Aroused Measurement: Standing upright or laying on a bed, insert a dildo or another item that you can use as a measurement guide. Insert the object into your vagina until it touches the rear vaginal wall. Measure the length you were able to insert into your vagina to the edge of your lips. How much did it measure?

Sexually Aroused Measurement: Stimulate your genitals, get sexually aroused, think of something sexual, or watch something and get yourself fully aroused. Once you are aroused, standing upright or laying on the bed, insert a dildo or another object used as a measuring guide. Insert it the deepest you can stimulate your vagina with the object allowing your vagina to expand in size deeper. Once fully aroused, insert it the deepest possible until it reaches your rear vaginal wall. Measure the length you were able to insert into the outer edge of your vagina. How much did it measure?

The results might surprise you, you might find something you did not think was possible and find it interesting to know.

Select the group that represents you more closely, it helps us study the diversity among each group and provide statistics based on diversity.
When you are relaxed, no sexual stimulation, this is the non-aroused vagina size.
When you are fully aroused and stimulated, your vagina deepens and can accommodate longer objects, eg. penis, dildo, etc.
Vaginal size can vary among individuals and can change over time. Most vaginas are capable of accommodating different penis sizes comfortably.
Vaginal size can have some impact on sexual pleasure for some women, but not all, where do you fall in this area?
In some cases, vaginal size can lead women to experience discomfort, pain during intercourse, zero sensation, penis falling out, do you experience anything?
Childbirth can temporarily stretch the vaginal muscles and tissues to accommodate the baby's passage. However, the vagina generally returns close to its pre-pregnancy size and elasticity.

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