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Our platform focuses on gathering data on human sexuality and interpersonal interactions regarding sex our bodies and our sexual practices. We invite everyone to take part in our online sex surveys. Be a participant and complete one or various sex surveys!

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Genital Size
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Genital Size Statistical Data gives us insights into human sexuality from across the world. The broader the participation, the more accurate the results become. These surveys, along with the ensuing statistics and insights, are continually updated each year to reflect the latest global sexual trends.

Choose from a diverse range of surveys, respond truthfully to the questions, and become a participant in one of the most extensive online studies on human sex and sexuality. Join us in contributing to a deeper understanding of these important aspects of human life.


Open for Everyone!

Have you ever given it any thought about the size of your genitalia? The majority of us do, whether it's the size, shape, color, etc. What about sex, practices, and things we do in our daily lives? We are all different individuals, but we share similar traits, and that is why you are here, to be an active participant in explaining your unique body and personal preferences when it comes to your sexuality, your body, and sex.

We are asking all the tough questions about our bodies and our sexual practices.

picture of caucasian male genitalia flaccid.

In which countries do men have the biggest and smallest penises?

close up image of women's genitalia showing the inner vaginal lips.

In which countries do women have the longest and smallest vaginal lips?

Man and woman engaging in intercourse, man behind woman.

What countries lead in sexual activity?

Young couple kissing passionately.

What percentage of couples want an open relationship?


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→  Contribute to our anonymous online surveys exploring diverse perspectives on sexuality. Open to all people from around the world—your insights and size shape our understanding of our bodies' differences!

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